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We are the fastest students at Harvard and have been since 1890!
Composed of a diverse group of dedicated undergraduate, graduate, medical, law, business, government, and extension students, we are the 2002 ECCC (eastern collegiate cycling conference) and Ivy league champions. We are dedicated to promoting cycling at Harvard as a life long sport. Student racers as well as cyclists from the community are welcome on our group rides and benefit from our excellent coaches. Many join the club as beginners, but all who truly dedicate themselves soon become strong athletes.

In the past three years, HUCA has grown from 16 racers in the 1999-2000 season to more than 40 racers in 2001-2002. Today, we have over 50 students involved with the team, as well as a large network of alumni, faculty, and friends of HUCA.

HUCA strives to foster team spirit and to teach riders how to ride and how to race. The team gives new-comers and experienced cyclists every opportunity to reach their individual and team goals. We hope everyone who participates in the team will continue to develop as life long cyclists, and grow in team sportsmanship and race professionalism.

Meet our Coaches

John Allis has coached the Harvard cycling team since 1982, and he still wears the same wool jersey he did back then! He is a longtime champion who has been a three-time Olympian ('64, '68, '72) and has ridden in five world championships. His accomplishments, among numerous others, have earned him induction into the Cycling Hall of Fame. He is also the co-founder of Wheelworks ( one of our sponsors. He has taught us everything about proper positioning, cornering and hill climbing, and why not to eat ice cream. We all aspire to pedal as fast as he can (he pedals faster than his cadence monitor can record!).

Ed Sassler has also been a mechanic extraordinaire for the Harvard team since 1989, and has been our coach since 1998. This year, he is focusing on weights training and the Men’s Development team. Ed knows about every part on a bike there is. He also is the creator of Ti-Designs (, a titanium jewelry company, which sponsors HUCA. Visit Wheelworks ( to consult with Ed on just about anything bike-related.

Strength and Conditioning Specialist and USCF-certified coach, Hicham Marhraoui, infuses the women's team with his one-of-a-kind coaching style and some tough-love training tactics. Always smile during a group stability ball workout or else he'll add more reps for the whole team; fail to synchronize repetitions with the rest of the group and he'll tack on more reps for good measure. Marhraoui's specialty in sport-performance training was forged from his own athletic prowess as a member of the Moroccan Junior National Soccer Team and his academic experiences. He holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Quebec at Montreal. Marhraoui studies bike racing exhaustively and he is especially talented in tailoring training theory to fit the individual. Fluent in French, he most likely owns every book ever published about the Tour de France and when he's not poring through volumes of cycling lore, he's out climbing hills in the spirit of Federico Bahamontes. This is his first year with HUCA and he is eager to work with cyclists who possess so much self-determination. He can be reached at

Meet Our Team

HUCA 2003, at Easterns

HUCA is an entirely student-run organization. It's pretty amazing what a bunch of Harvard students can accomplish (on bikes!) Everyone on the team helps out in some way, whether it’s creating Cycling Film Festivals or organizing transportation for the Racing Season.

Here are some of the key players for the 2004 season:

Poo-bah – Amy Kerdok

Men’s A/B Captain– Jay Ku

Men’s Development Team Captains – Jamie Wong and Paul Novastad

Women’s A Captains – Amy Kerdok

Women’s BCaptains – Tammy Mentzel

Racing Logistics – Margaret Gardel

Web-site Gurus – Julie Idlet and George Kenty

Sponsorship – Tammy Mentzel

Uniform Designer – Weymouth Design

Uniforms and 'HUCA-wear' – Travis Beamish

Social Bee – Ramses Ayala

ECCC/Club Sports/USCF Liason

Cycling Film Festival – Chris Akana

FoHUCA and HUCA Board – Tamara Metz, Nathan Drake, Raj Krishnan, Peter Everett

Beanpot Race Coordinator – Jason Halaby

Alumni Weekend Organizer – Jen Park

Student Profiles:

Amy E. Kerdok, Women’s A Team Co-Captain (2002-2003), Poo-Bah (2004)
I was always fascinated with bicycles. As a kid I would pretend my yellow banana seat bike was a horse (named “Silver” of course) and I would ride it along dirt roads in Cape Cod and plummet down onto the beach and into the bay below. A neighborhood friend and I would ride our BMX bikes throughout the 62 acres of land that separated our houses back in Hudson, MA. We learned that if you didn’t jump over the field stones you would hurt yourself or worse, damage your bike! Perhaps it is no wonder then that I was drawn to mountain biking first.

As a 7-season varsity collegiate athlete, cycling only served as a means for getting to and from practice, and to class on time. But I discovered mountain biking as an intern one summer, and the rest is history. I went to MIT/Harvard for grad school and joined the MIT cycling team in 1997. I rode for them on their mountain bike team for 2-3 seasons. I probably only did about 5 races total over that time, but generally placed in the top 3 (women’s A cat). I then decided to do the Boston-NY AIDS Ride (yes on my mountain bike) and quickly felt the “need for speed”.

Again, it was during another internship where road cycling was introduced to me (thanks to FoHUCA Mark Bowen). I bought myself a bike and I was hooked! Upon returning to Harvard, I discovered HUCA and started riding with the club. I raced for the first time in 2002. I think I ended up placing 9th in the ECCC women’s A category that year and went to nationals in UVM. This past year I rode again, placing 7th in the ECCC. I attended the national championships in Berkeley where Harvard took 10th!

I now look forward to leading HUCA into its 2003-2004 year and season! Feeling the need for both mud and speed, I see many a mountain bike and road race ahead… won’t you join me in the adventure?

Stuart Gillespie, Men’s A and B Team Co-Captain (2002-2003)
2003 will be Stu's third year racing and first full season at the P/1/2 level. As Captain of the Harvard team, he hopes to lead the team to Collegiate Nationals in Berkley, CA. After the collegiate season, he will spend the summer racing full time, participating in the top New England and National Racing Calendar Events. Stu's main goal for the season is a top placing at Espoir National in Texas in July. His long term goal for cycling is to race for his country in the Olympics, may that be on the road or on the Track.

Jean Jinsun Ryoo, 2003 Women's Team Zealot
Jean is a kimchee-eating monkey-lover who enjoys baking banana bread while washing pots at her dirty-hippie-feet-cooperative-house-home. Despite an affinity for the salty sea and yogic activity, Jean discovered that an invisible cycling bug (transmitted to her from her first-love-hybrid-beater-bike immediately upon purchase) had been spreading into her brain and heart via cardiovascular and nervous systems. It is well-documented in the medical world that this cycling bug cannot be cured, and so just when Jean thought the disease might go into remission from the diversions of crew and dragonboat activities, a massive attack of the cycling bug upon her prefrontal cortex forced her into a rage of road-bike research and shopping during April of 2002. Unfortunately, neither Jean nor her wallet have survived from this cycling bug attack (which apparently worsens with mileage traveled on bikes), and she is now training hard with the Harvard cycling team. Beyond non-stop daydreams about the upcoming 2003 season, Jean's mind often wanders over fantasies of future organic farming, backpacking, teaching, tree-climbing, finger-painting, bike-building, bike-messenger-working, cuisine-schooling, children's-book-writing, wine-making, cheese-eating, world-traveling, surfing, warm-weather-living experiences. Though currently completing a thesis project involving sculpture, photography, and experimental video, Jean may one day return to chimpanzee research and rain forest ecology conservation after graduating in June (as long as she can keep road-biking-training wherever her gravity-friendly-hyphen-loving feet/tires may lead her).

Paul Novosad, 2003 Men's Development Team, 2004 Development team Captain
Paul Novosad is Harvard Cycling's token Canadian. Canada's unfortunate shortage of paved roads means that Paul has seen limited time on the road, but he has been mountain biking over narrow trails, skating rinks, fallen trees and caribou since a small child. He bought his first road bike last Fall, but it was not his last, to his roommates' dismay... Paul now sleeps in the hall to make room for the bikes. Impervious to cold, Paul was looking to terrorize the C field from rainy Rutgers on, but discovered to his shock that racing on the road was really, really, really tough. Now, between training and his program in international development program, he is just trying to survive the season.

Jim Craig, Triathlete turned HUCA Cyclist (2002-2003), FoHUCA
Jim Craig is a successful triathlete who is fairly new to competitive team road cycling. He has been racing triathlons for about 6 years. His best races include two "Escape from Alcatraz" triathlons, three 2.5-mile Waikiki Roughwater swims, several Half-Ironman events, and The Ironman Triathlon, New Zealand (2002). This fall/winter he tried cyclocross racing and really enjoyed the cold, the ice, the mud, and the last place finishes. In his other life, Jim is an active US Army Officer on a 1 year fellowship to study Public Administration at KSG.

gEorge kEnty, something else entirely, FoHUCA
gEorge recieved his first road bike, a black Cilo, from his dads parole officer, it seems that the owner of the bicycle was someplace where he would never need it. Officer Rite was also feeling bad about a little filing mix-up that resulted in gEorge getting the opportunity to make some new friends at a 'special' school. The Cilo was an awesome first bike, it was shiny, all black with downtube shifters and no one could pronounce the marque correctly. Although, despite its Italian heritage, it wasn't very fast (the original owner proved that incontrovertibly.) but for gEo's purposes, it was perfect and it started him on the road to where he is now, if you know where that is, please ring (617) 669 6569 asap.
gEo started racing with the Harvard team in 2002 and quickly rose to the top of the D field, finishing second only to a Bates rider (a different Bates rider every week) this didn't make him the least bit bitter. This year, he's hoping that the Bates team have all moved up to the B's.

Julia Oh, Women’s A Team Co-Captain (2002-2003), FoHUCA
Julia Oh is a senior at Harvard College. She has raced three collegiate seasons and one USCF season, in category 2! She is 20 years old, 5’2’’ and 120 lbs of sprinter. Some of her more notable results include:

Leg pressed 750 pounds
Did 5 pull-ups
4th place New York City Championships 1st place circuit race, 2nd place criterium Fitchburg stage race category 3
Sprint points winner Fitchburg stage race category 3
3rd place Division 1 Collegiate Nationals Criterium

Having enjoyed her 0.2 mile commute to class, Julia began road riding the second semester of her freshman year. As an experiment, she started racing with the Harvard University cycling team three weeks after that. She promptly finished dead last in every race she entered for the next year and a half, with the exception of one in which she flatted 3 times. In 2002 she had a breakthrough and discovered sprinting. After a pleasantly successful collegiate season (4 wins and a record 8 2nd places), she began racing on the USCF/NRC circuit. After becoming a bike racer, Julia plans on going to medical school. Julia is currently a member of the beauteous Independent Fabrications/Wheelworks elite women's team.

Kimberly Rothman, Women’s A Team Co-Captain (2002-2003), FoHUCA
Kimberly Rothman started cycling in the fall of 2001, during her second year of law school, as part of her triathalon training. One day while she was buying degreaser at Wheelworks, John Allis invited her to ride with the team. She went to the first practices not knowing what to expect, but she had a great time on the team rides. Pretty soon all of her spare time (not to mention money) was going into her bike -- she was totally hooked. Her first race was the Mountaintop Crit at Lehigh. She spent most of the race clinging to the wheel of her teammate Nurit Bloom. They finished first and second (Kim got second), kicking off the season to a great start. She raced as a B rider for the entire season so that she could learn the ropes and get comfortable riding in a pack. She's still learning the skills of group riding. Coming from triathlons, where drafting is illegal, she is finally getting comfortable with it. She finished up her season as the top points scorer for B women in the ECCC. Looking to next season, she's excited to see what a year of training can do. She knows that it will be a big challenge to step up to being an A rider, she's ready for the challenge and the excitement.

Ilana Brito, 2003 Poo-Bah, FoHUCA
Ilana Brito first got on a road bike last November. She raced her first season in 2002 and quickly went from getting dropped on rides (of course John would ride with her) to being a hillclimber! Who knew?! This billygoat went to France last summer to watch the Tour de France on her bike from the tops of Les Deux Alpes and La Plange. This year, she plans on racing in the collegiate season and then racing USCF this summer. She is looking forward to racing in the Fitchburg Stage Race in June.

Aside from her riding, Ilana is this year's poo-bah. She is focused on keeping the team pumped for race season! There are some new projects in the works for the team. including preparing for the Harvard University Grafton Road Race, launching the FoHUCA Board, and sending everyone to Spring Break at Trexlertown! This is going to be an awesome year!

Paul Grosu, FoHUCA
Paul Grosu currently works as a Bioinformatician at Harvard's Bauer Center for Genomics Research. Paul - together with George Kenty - where the captains for the Men's C/D team for the 2002 season. During the summer of 2002 he was part of the group which worked on the proposal which resulted in Harvard Cycling (HUCA) being awarded one of the 2002 Centers of Excellence by the USA Cycling Development Foundation. Currently Paul does work for the team in the area of Publicity and has done some work in the area of Sponsorship. He frequently rides with the team and helps wherever help is needed. He attends evening classes at Harvard's Extension school but unfortunately he cannot race with the team since he is not a full-time student, but he hopes to someday be one in the future. He is also an avid reader of cycling related materials and loves to talk cycling with anyone. He wishes that through his training to someday be a super-fast rider on his super-light 54cm CAAD5 Cannondale. He is planning to race with the Boston Road Club during the 2003 season in the 4/5 Category. The rider which he admires is Lance Armstrong, though Jan Ullrich, he says, is still fun to watch. If you want to talk cycling or just have a question or two feel free to drop him an email at